Gynecology news

Menopausal symptoms may be lessened with young children in the house
Oct 27 14


New term will banish stigma, educate providers on postmenopausal problems
Aug 25 14


Bothered by hot flashes? Acupuncture might be the answer
Jul 14 14


Reproduction later in life is a marker for longevity in women
Jun 25 14


Women and Health Care Providers Differ On What Matters Most About Contraception
Jun 10 14


Oral contraceptives are a good option for women’s acne: study
Jun 05 14


New drug treatment helps prevent early menopause in breast cancer patients
May 30 14


Women’s contraceptive use influenced by contraception education and moral attitudes
May 29 14


Hot flashes/night sweats solutions: Estrogen therapy vs. Venlafaxine
May 27 14


Relationship Satisfaction Linked with Changing Use of Contraception
May 15 14


UTMB study discovers cause of many preterm births
May 14 14


New study examines premature menopause and effects on later life cognition
May 07 14


Maternal deaths on the rise in the United States
May 02 14


Counterfeit contraceptives found in South America
Apr 21 14


Low vitamin D may not be a culprit in menopause symptoms
Apr 16 14


Secondhand smoke tied to miscarriages, stillbirths
Mar 16 14


Calcium and vitamin D improve cholesterol in postmenopausal women
Mar 05 14


Testosterone isn’t the help some hoped for when women go through menopause early
Jan 29 14


Comprehensive, Nonsurgical Treatment Improves Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Women
Jan 10 14


HPV Vaccine: The Earlier, the Better
Jan 07 14


Birth control type tied to time between pregnancies
Jan 03 14


Lactation consultant visits spur breastfeeding among women who usually resist it
Dec 19 13


Women’s perceptions of ‘normal’ female genitalia may be influenced by exposure to modified images
Dec 19 13


Study indicates oral garlic not useful in treating vaginal thrush
Dec 17 13


Can Viagra relieve menstrual cramps?
Dec 10 13


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