Pregnancy news

C-section tied to fewer subsequent pregnancies
Aug 31 05


Women’s domestic abuse risk rises after childbirth
Aug 31 05


How To Eat During Pregnancy
Aug 31 05


Drug helps expel remains after failed pregnancy
Aug 25 05


Embryo testing reduces IVF miscarriages
Aug 24 05

For women 35 years of age or older who have had recurrent Miscarriages, In-vitro fertilization followed by genetic testing of embryos before they’re implanted reduces the risk of…


Fetal pain unlikely before third trimester
Aug 23 05


IVF mothers prone to ‘baby blues’
Aug 23 05

Mothers who conceive through In vitro fertilization, or other so-called assisted reproductive technologies, are at increased risk for post-natal mood disorder and early parenting difficulties, Australian researchers report.



Assisted reproduction “reasonable” until age 44
Aug 22 05

For women seeking to become pregnant with the help of assisted reproductive techniques such as In-vitro fertilization, reasonable pregnancy rates of at least 5 percent per cycle…


Personality factors raise postpartum depression risk
Aug 19 05

Women who are generally quiet, shy and anxious may be more likely than others to become depressed after giving birth, new research suggests.

In a study of 277 pregnant…


Pregnancies safe if morning after pill fails
Aug 19 05


Breast-Feeding May Ease Mom’s Stress
Aug 11 05


Postpartum Depression: It’s nice to know that you are not alone
Aug 11 05


Rocephin an option for treating syphilis
Aug 11 05


Losing Weight After Pregnancy
Aug 09 05


Celiac disease during pregnancy puts baby at risk
Aug 08 05

A woman who does not know she has Celiac disease while she is pregnant is at increased risk of delivering preterm and having an infant…


Pregnancy can be OK after organ transplantation
Aug 05 05


Maternal folic acid level linked to birth weight
Aug 05 05

Pregnant women with low levels of the vitamin Folate in their blood are more likely to have a baby with a low birth weight, British…


Calif. firm seeks breast milk therapies
Aug 04 05


Aerobic exercise helps overweight pregnant women
Aug 04 05


C-section most common US hospital procedure
Aug 03 05

The most common U.S. hospital procedure is the Caesarean section, with 1.2 million of the operations done each year, according to a government report issued on Tuesday.

Caesarean sections…


Brain dead American woman gives birth to girl
Aug 03 05


More newborn deaths seen with nighttime deliveries
Aug 02 05


Children of smokers have more attention deficit
Aug 01 05


Test tube twins more likely to be born preterm
Jul 26 05

Twins conceived by test tube or “in vitro fertilization” (IVF) are more likely than twins conceived through sexual intercourse to be born prematurely and to be…


Estrogen gene helps explain some infertility
Jul 21 05


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