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Fentanyl during labor may impede breastfeeding
Jul 21 05

Women who receive fentanyl analgesia during labor may be less likely to breastfeed their infants, according to UK investigators. Based on their findings, they propose that women given this…


Abused pregnant women at risk of complications
Jul 20 05


Chlamydia common in United States-survey
Jul 13 05


Black pregnant women have more asthma complications
Jul 13 05


Portugal lawmakers take step to abortion vote
Jul 08 05


Stress, Mood and Other Factors May Affect Mom’s Diet During Pregnancy
Jul 06 05

stress, anxiety, fatigue and other psychosocial characteristics may influence the food choices women make during pregnancy, according to a study by researchers…


Frozen embryos may yield better pregnancy outcomes
Jul 03 05


Infertility may be predict a risk of cancer
Jun 30 05


Exercise good for moms-to-be, little risk to baby
Jun 30 05


Early twin delivery may reduce stillbirth risk
Jun 28 05


Antiepileptic drug increases birth defect risk
Jun 24 05


Abstinence makes the sperm grow stronger
Jun 22 05


Genes may hold key to late motherhood
Jun 21 05


Revealed - why IVF babies have a harder infancy
Jun 21 05

Scientists may have solved a puzzle baffling fertility experts - why test tube babies do not do as well as other infants in early life.



Pregnancy problems higher for egg recipients
Jun 21 05

Women who conceive a child by using a donor egg have a greater risk of developing high blood pressure during pregnancy, South Korean researchers suggest on Tuesday.

Early Miscarriage


Vatican may campaign abroad against IVF
Jun 20 05


Home birth safe for low-risk pregnancies
Jun 17 05


Births do not rise during full moon
Jun 17 05


Exercise may prevent pregnancy-related diabetes
Jun 16 05


Repeat c-section may adversely affect baby
Jun 10 05


Italy debates life and death in fertility vote
Jun 09 05


Transplanted ovary leads to normal pregnancy
Jun 08 05


One in 10 pregnant women abused in Hong Kong
Jun 08 05


Steps to help baby during birth do help
Jun 05 05


Passive smoking affects IVF success rates -study
May 26 05


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