Pregnancy news

Pregnant women with high/low BMI are at higher risk of complications and hospital admissions
Sep 18 13


Study details paired risk factors in preeclampsia
Sep 11 13


Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy Affects Learning and Memory Function in Offspring?
Jul 21 13


Antiepileptic drug use while pregnant impacts early child development
Jul 18 13


Pregnancy as window to future health
Jul 01 13


Iodine in bread not enough for pregnant women
Jun 19 13


High-fat diet during pregnancy contributes to offspring’s increased weight
Jun 17 13


FDA wins temporary halt on some morning-after pills
Jun 05 13


Doctor brands NHS profits from pregnancy ‘unacceptable’
May 29 13


Baby knows best: Fetuses emit hormone crucial to preventing preeclampsia
May 01 13


Respect women’s choice to have home birth: doctors
Apr 29 13


Common pregnancy conditions risk future diabetes
Apr 17 13


Stillbirth or Pre-Term Birth Outcomes Linked to Elevated Risk of Blood Clots After Pregnancy
Apr 02 13


Stressful life events may increase stillbirth risk, NIH network study finds
Mar 27 13


Experts find link between low doses of vitamin D and adverse pregnancy outcomes
Mar 27 13


Antidepressants for pregnant moms don’t affect infants’ growth
Mar 20 13


Study finds pregnancy nausea drug won’t harm fetus
Feb 28 13


Most first-time mothers wait until after 6 weeks before resuming sex following childbirth
Feb 27 13


When morning sickness lasts all day
Feb 26 13


Lower autism risk with folic acid supplements in pregnancy
Feb 13 13


Preemptive treatment of severe morning sickness decreases suffering for moms-to-be
Feb 12 13


‘Laborist’ obstetrical care improves pregnancy outcomes
Feb 11 13


Study confirms recurrence of small-for-gestational-age pregnancies
Feb 11 13


No Increase in Brain Aneurysm Rupture Risk during Pregnancy and Delivery
Feb 07 13


Placental blood flow can influence malaria during pregnancy
Feb 01 13


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