Pregnancy news

Stress in pregnancy linked to children’s asthma risk
Apr 07 14


Stress impacts ability to get pregnant
Mar 23 14


Kawasaki disease and pregnant women
Mar 06 14


New research reinforces danger of drinking alcohol while pregnant
Feb 15 14


Pregnant teens under age 15 face unique risks: study
Feb 10 14


Women with schizophrenia at higher risk of pregnancy and delivery complications: Study
Feb 03 14


New study suggests choline recommendations during pregnancy may be too low
Feb 01 14


Small size in early pregnancy linked to poor heart health later in life
Jan 23 14


Study on pregnancy and alcohol fails to take psychological factors into account
Jan 03 14


Children at lower risk for peanut, tree nut allergies if moms ate more nuts while pregnant
Dec 24 13


Antidepressants taken in pregnancy don’t cause autism
Dec 18 13


Preterm birth risk increases for pregnant women exposed to phthalates
Nov 18 13


Heart disease No. 1 cause of pregnancy-related deaths in California
Nov 17 13


Women with asthma could face a delay in becoming pregnant
Nov 13 13


Exercise during pregnancy gives newborn brain development a head start
Nov 10 13


Preeclampsia during pregnancy may be linked with kidney failure risk
Nov 10 13


Multiple birth pregnancies can cost nearly 20 times more than singleton pregnancies
Nov 10 13


Allergy shots during pregnancy may decrease allergies in children
Nov 08 13


Mother’s immunosuppressive medications not likely to put fetus at risk
Nov 08 13


Obstetricians change definition of on-time delivery
Oct 22 13


1 in 10 women drink a little alcohol while pregnant
Oct 14 13


Air pollution tied to high blood pressure in pregnancy
Oct 12 13


Air pollution and psychological distress during pregnancy
Oct 08 13


Flame retardant ban reduces exposures in pregnant women
Sep 25 13


Clinical trial strives to provide optimal care during high-risk pregnancies
Sep 23 13


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