Gynecology news

Older women, don’t take vitamin D for bones: Panel
Feb 26 13


Extremely high estrogen levels may underlie complications of single-birth IVF pregnancies
Feb 25 13


German Catholics allow morning-after pill in rape cases
Feb 21 13


Study says IVF does not increase cancer risk
Feb 19 13


CDC Report Sheds Light on Contraception Use
Feb 17 13


Contraception: Condoms Are King, Plan B Takes Hold
Feb 17 13


More U.S. women using the ‘morning-after’ pill -report
Feb 14 13


African-American, Caucasian women should take identical vitamin D doses
Feb 12 13


Anti-Muellerian hormone predicts IVF success
Feb 12 13


Differences in obstetric outcomes and care related to race and ethnicity
Feb 11 13


Around-the-clock labor coverage associated with decrease in C-section
Feb 11 13


Obama offers compromise on birth control health coverage
Feb 04 13


Risk of unwarranted pregnancies with morning after pill conscience clauses
Jan 31 13


New OHSU research helps explain early-onset puberty in females
Jan 29 13


Abusive partners can sabotage contraception
Jan 24 13


Mouse menopause model sheds light on UTIs in post-menopausal women
Jan 24 13


Abuse during childhood linked to uterine fibroids in African-American women
Jan 24 13


Herbal treatments for postmenopausal symptoms can be recommended as an alternative to HRT
Jan 13 13


Medical abortions are safe: study
Dec 21 12


Menopause quality of life unchanged by soy supplements
Dec 17 12


IVF twin pregnancies riskier than singletons: study
Dec 17 12


HPV Infections May Return to Haunt Older Women
Dec 15 12


New hormone therapy shows promise for menopausal symptoms in animal model
Dec 14 12


New hormone therapy shows promise for menopausal symptoms in animal model
Dec 13 12


What causes hot flushes during menopause?
Dec 12 12


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