Gynecology news

Study links relaxation method to reduced hot flashes
Dec 03 12


Steroid injection linked with significant bone loss in postmenopausal women treated for back pain
Dec 01 12


Vitamin D Tied to Women’s Cognitive Performance
Dec 01 12


Hot flashes may return after ending antidepressant
Nov 30 12


Soy unlikely to help hot flashes
Nov 27 12


Prescribe morning-after pills in advance, say pediatricians
Nov 26 12


Daily steps add up for midlife women’s health
Nov 23 12


Therapy can help fearful mothers avoid C-sections
Nov 16 12


Timing of first menstrual cycle may be predictor of cardiovascular disease risk in women
Nov 14 12


Equol-producer status of US women influences soy food effects on menopause symptoms
Nov 13 12


Next-day discharge after C-section may be okay: study
Nov 12 12


Next-day discharge after C-section may be OK
Nov 09 12


Mothers’ age at menopause may predict daughters’ ovarian reserve
Nov 07 12


Higher risk of maternal complications/preterm deliveries for women undergoing multiple caesareans
Oct 30 12


During IVF sexual relationships, satisfaction, can suffer
Oct 30 12


Serious birth complications rising in the U.S
Oct 23 12


Simpler colon screen may be enough for many women: study
Oct 22 12


In vitro fertilization linked to increase risk for birth defects
Oct 19 12


An HPV Vaccine Myth Debunked
Oct 19 12


Study shows elevated risk of blood clots in women taking birth control containing drospirenone
Oct 18 12


Infertility: How can the ovulation function be restored?
Oct 17 12


Scientists to EPA: Include women in reproductive health research
Oct 16 12


HPV vaccine won’t make girls promiscuous, study finds
Oct 15 12


Free birth control tied to drop in abortions
Oct 12 12


Nerve and muscle activity vary across menstrual cycle
Oct 12 12


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