Gynecology news

New research holds promise for treatments for a range of women’s health issues
Apr 18 13


Vitamin D may reduce risk of uterine fibroids, according to NIH study
Apr 16 13


Turkish womb transplant patient is pregnant
Apr 15 13


Endometriosis treatments lower ovarian cancer risk
Apr 11 13


Link between obesity and polycystic ovary syndrome may be exaggerated
Apr 08 13


Sustained Stress Heightens Risk of Miscarriage
Apr 08 13


U.S. judge widens ‘morning-after’ pill access for young girls
Apr 06 13


Chinese Herbal Formula Reduces Hot Flashes Linked To Menopause
Apr 01 13


Surgical menopause may prime brain for stroke, Alzheimer’s
Mar 31 13


Texas physician breaks ground in robotic cervical surgery
Mar 31 13


Fewer children mean longer life?
Mar 27 13


Hot flashes? Active days bring better nights
Mar 27 13


HPV Vaccination Disparities among Girls from Low-Income Families
Mar 27 13


Women over 40 still need effective contraception
Mar 26 13


New model may pinpoint timing of final menstrual period
Mar 26 13


Estrogen helps keep joint pain at bay after hysterectomy
Mar 20 13


Estrogen may relieve post-menopausal joint pain
Mar 20 13


Oral estrogen hormone therapy linked to increased risk of gallbladder surgery in menopausal women
Mar 18 13


North Dakota Senate approves “heartbeat” abortion ban
Mar 18 13


Smoking linked with worse urothelial cancer prognosis in patients, especially women
Mar 14 13


Lower incidence of genital warts in young girls
Mar 14 13


Polycystic ovary syndrome puts glucose control in double jeopardy
Mar 13 13


Iron linked to reduced risk of severe PMS
Mar 03 13


Cancer Doesn’t Change Young Girls’ Desire to Have Children, Moffitt Cancer Center Study Shows
Mar 01 13


Program increases contraceptive use in at-risk teens
Feb 28 13


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