Questions to Ask Your Prenatal Care Provider

Even though most people make up their mind about their health care providers through their first impression, there are some questions that are important to ask at your first meeting. By asking these questions, you can get a better idea of just what level of care this particular professional can offer you.

  • What is their educational background?  
  • How long have they been certified and practicing? Where have they been certified and where have they practiced?  
  • What is their philosophy of practice?  
  • How often do they use or recommend an ultrasound? Do they offer any alternatives?  
  • Will they actually be there with you during labor and delivery or only during the birth?  
  • How many women do they administer medication to during labor? Is it standard procedure or is each woman’s need assessed individually? Which drugs do they administer?  
  • What percentage of their patients do they actually deliver? Can you meet with the other care providers that may deliver your baby?  
  • Can your partner be present with you throughout labor and delivery? What about during a cesarean?  
  • Can you have other people with you, like a doula, best friend, sister, other children?  
  • How frequently do they perform cesarean sections? (These should be performed in less than 16% of deliveries) Why are the cesareans done?  
  • What is their normal protocol for pregnancies after 42 weeks? Do they induce labor or schedule a cesarean?

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Revision date: June 18, 2011
Last revised: by Jorge P. Ribeiro, MD