The Deadly Link Between Heart Disease and Alzheimer’s
Feb 06 15


After hospital discharge, deadly heart risks can remain for up to a year
Feb 06 15


Mammalian heart regenerative capacity depends on severity of injury
Jan 23 15


Heart arrhythmias detected in deep-diving marine mammals
Jan 19 15


Austrian researchers show encapsulation of cancer drugs reduces heart damage
Dec 05 14


Dispositional mindfulness associated with better cardiovascular health
Oct 23 14


Two Michigan high school students develop screening tools to detect lung and heart disease
Oct 21 14


Vitamin D deficiency increases poor brain function after cardiac arrest by sevenfold
Oct 18 14


University of Maryland School of Medicine identifies new heart disease pathway
Oct 05 14


Cardiorespiratory fitness is often misdiagnosed
Sep 24 14


Nanotubes help healing hearts keep the beat
Sep 23 14


New guidelines issued for managing peri- and postoperative atrial fibrillation
Sep 22 14


Long working hours linked to increased risk of coronary heart disease
Sep 16 14


Race and ethnicity important when evaluating risk of fat around the heart
Sep 09 14


‘Face time’ for the heart diagnoses cardiac disease
Aug 29 14


Participants of cardiac clinic trials do not represent real world patients, study finds
Aug 27 14


American Heart Association issues e-cigarette recommendations
Aug 25 14


Heart attack patients could be treated more quickly after Manchester research
Jul 26 14


Gene variant identified as a heart disease risk factor for women
Jul 23 14


More evidence that moderate drinking may benefit the heart
Jul 02 14


Sex Hormone Levels at Midlife Linked to Bad Cholesterol Carriers that Increase Heart Disease Risk in Women
Jun 27 14


Cardiovascular Morbidity Related to Cigarettes Smoked
Jun 06 14


Chest CT helps predict cardiovascular disease risk
May 27 14


Athlete anxiety no excuse to skip heart test: study
May 23 14


Significant differences in CVD risk factors between men and women with type 2 diabetes
May 16 14


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