Earlier surgical intervention for mitral valve disease is better for most patients
Jun 09 15


Images reveal structure of heart cells that may hold heart attack clues
Jun 09 15


Race influences warfarin dose
May 29 15


Measuring kidney health could better predict heart disease risk
May 29 15


Cognitive impairment predicts worse outcome in heart failure
May 25 15


Cooling children after cardiac arrest provides no significant benefit
May 18 15


Evaluating adverse cardiac events in patients with chest pain at hospital admission
May 18 15


Scientists discover bacterial cause behind fatal heart complications
May 18 15


Even Olympic athletes have cardiac abnormalities and may be at risk of CVD
May 15 15


New analytics model predicts readmission of congestive heart failure patients
May 14 15


Thermometer-like device could help diagnose heart attacks
May 06 15


How do neural cells respond to ischemia?
May 05 15


Duke study uncovers foundations of heart regeneration
May 04 15


Fresh whole blood reduces possible complications in pediatric heart surgery patients
Apr 30 15


Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivors have higher risk for cardiovascular diseases
Apr 27 15


Hepatitis C infection linked to increased risk of heart disease
Apr 23 15


Atrial fibrillation recurrence lower with sleep apnea treatment
Apr 20 15


Some atrial fibrillation patients receive unnecessary blood thinners
Apr 13 15


Selenide protects heart muscle in the wake of cardiac arrest
Apr 10 15


Common antidepressant increased coronary atherosclerosis in animal model
Apr 06 15


Frequency of blood tests in heart surgery patients may lead to anemia, transfusions
Mar 18 15


Scans for clinic patients may cut heart attack risk, study finds
Mar 16 15


Heart failure patients fare better with catheter ablation than Amiodarone
Mar 16 15


Statin guidelines miss middle-age patients and over-target seniors
Mar 12 15


Have a sense of purpose in life? It may protect your heart
Mar 06 15


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