Prevent premature deaths from heart failure, urges the Heart Failure Association
May 15 14


Calcium supplements not associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease in women
May 11 14


Study urges caution in stem cell clinical trials for heart attack patients
May 07 14


FDA questions use of aspirin to prevent first heart attack
May 06 14


Air transport not always faster in heart attack cases
May 02 14


Genome regions once mislabeled ‘junk’ linked to heart failure
Apr 27 14


Metformin fails to reduce heart failure after heart attack
Mar 31 14


New Penn-Designed Gel Allows for Targeted Therapy After Heart Attack
Mar 31 14


More severe heart disease found in patients with vitamin D deficiency
Mar 27 14


Younger men receive faster care for heart attacks, angina compared with women of same age
Mar 17 14


Novel gene-finding approach yields a new gene linked to key heart attack risk factor
Mar 16 14


Parents receiving heart disease diagnosis for infants need better information
Mar 15 14


Study shows nearly fivefold increased risk for heart attack after angry outburst
Mar 04 14


A novel treatment may reduce myocardial infarction size
Feb 27 14


Marriage Quality May Influence Heart Disease Risk
Feb 20 14


Study examines use of electrical energy for treating certain type of atrial fibrillation
Feb 19 14


New imaging technique can diagnose common heart condition
Feb 11 14


Heart attack research discovers new treatment target
Feb 11 14


Heart Disease Risk Linked With Spouses’ Social Support
Feb 06 14


Long term exposure to air pollution linked to coronary events
Jan 21 14


Researchers discover how heart arrhythmia occurs
Jan 19 14


Heart attack survivors paint a complex picture of adhering to medicine
Jan 13 14


Unfit, lean people are better protected against heart attacks than fit, obese people
Jan 10 14


Hispanic Women Are Less Aware of Weight and Heart Disease Risk
Jan 03 14


Study shows value of calcium scan in predicting heart attack, stroke among those considered at risk
Dec 24 13


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