High dietary fibre intake wards off heart disease
Dec 21 13


France implants its first artificial heart
Dec 21 13


Atrial fibrillation is a growing global health concern
Dec 17 13


Multivitamins not tied to memory or heart benefits
Dec 16 13


Research shows correlation between adult height and underlying heart disease
Dec 12 13


HIV causes structural heart disease
Dec 10 13


Math models enhance current therapies for coronary heart disease
Dec 09 13


New classification system for cardiomyopathy
Dec 03 13


International study finds heart disease similar in men and women
Dec 02 13


Congenital heart defects affects long-term developmental outcome
Dec 02 13


Cardiac MRI reveals energy drinks alter heart function
Dec 01 13


Study links high sodium “fizzy” medicines to raised heart risks
Nov 27 13


Surrogates often make call to deactivate heart devices
Nov 27 13


High salt levels in common medicines put patients at increased risk of cardiovascular events
Nov 26 13


UEF study determines reference values for children’s heart rate variability
Nov 25 13


Heart experts debate who should take statins
Nov 24 13


Could you tell if you were having a heart attack?
Nov 24 13


Signs of ‘sudden’ cardiac death may come weeks before: study
Nov 19 13


Long-lasting gene therapy benefits advanced heart failure patients
Nov 19 13


New Study Finds Similar Outcomes for Repair or Replacement of Damaged Heart Valves
Nov 18 13


Effect of lowering of body temperature for adults with cardiac arrest prior to hospital arrival
Nov 17 13


Rate of aortic valve replacement for elderly patients has increased; outcomes improved
Nov 17 13


Study examines effectiveness, safety of transcatheter aortic valve replacement in US
Nov 17 13


Physical fitness improves survival, prevents some heart attacks
Nov 17 13


CPR for 38 minutes or longer improves chance to survive cardiac arrest
Nov 16 13


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