Heart Disease news

Coronary artery disease tests prompt patients toward healthier habits
Oct 14 16


Improved lifestyle led to decreased cholesterol and less cardiac death
Mar 03 16


Emerging vascular risk factors in women: Any differences from men?
Feb 05 16


Study shows minorities had lower risk of coronary heart disease than whites
Jan 28 16


In pursuit of the causes of cardiac hypertrophy
Dec 22 15


New research offers reassurance over multiple artery procedures for heart attack victims
Dec 17 15


Study finds tree nut consumption may lower risk of cardiovascular disease
Nov 19 15


Heart CT scans outperform stress tests in spotting clogged arteries
Oct 26 15


Worldwide shift in heart medication delivery required: Study
Oct 21 15


Male and female hearts don’t grow old the same way
Oct 20 15


Taking A Midday Nap May Help Lower Your Blood Pressure, Stave Off Future Heart Attacks
Aug 31 15


Gene associated with sudden cardiac death identified by ICD monitoring
Aug 31 15


Patients with abnormally fast heart rhythms to benefit from modification of treatment
Aug 25 15


Supercomputers listen to the heart
Aug 20 15


Just 1 in 10 are referred for cardiac rehab after treatment for heart failure
Aug 18 15


Predicting risk for deadly cardiac events
Aug 13 15


Preventable onset of myocardial infarction through coadministration of 2 drugs
Jul 30 15


Texas Children’s Hospital cuts waitlist times for pediatric heart transplant patients
Jul 27 15


Menopause associated with more fat around heart, raising risk for heart disease
Jul 22 15


Can pregnancy complications predict future cardiovascular disease risk?
Jul 08 15


Traumatic Events, PTSD Raise CVD Risk in Women
Jul 02 15


Osteoporosis linked with heart disease in older people
Jun 29 15


Heart patients can stop blood thinners when undergoing elective surgery
Jun 22 15


Patients test drive pacemaker before choosing permanent implant
Jun 22 15


Swift intervention doubles survival rate from cardiac arrest
Jun 11 15


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