Drug and Alcohol Dependence News

Adolescents who sleep poorly and insufficiently may develop alcohol and drug problems
Jan 19 15


For prescription drug addiction treatment, buprenorphine maintenance trumps detoxification
Oct 21 14


State policies can influence access to heroin treatment, study finds
Oct 08 14


Mother’s behavior has strong effect on cocaine-exposed children
Oct 06 14


Marijuana dependence alters the brain’s response to drug paraphernalia
Jul 16 14


The Biology of Addiction Risk Looks Like Addiction
Jul 01 14


Homeless Alcoholics Typically Began Drinking as Children
Jun 27 14


Prior drug use is the greatest predictor of ecstasy use US high school seniors
Jun 25 14


Opioid Overdose Prevention Programs May Reduce Deaths
Jun 06 14


Extended-release medication offers significant promise for treating alcohol, opioid dependence
May 15 14


Teens who use alcohol and marijuana together are at higher risk for unsafe driving
Apr 27 14


Novel compound halts cocaine addiction and relapse behaviors
Apr 23 14


Regulating legal marijuana could be guided by lessons from alcohol and tobacco, study says
Apr 21 14


Mount Sinai researchers find promising new drug targets for cocaine addiction
Jan 20 14


1 question may gauge the severity of unhealthy drug and alcohol use
Jan 13 14


School drug tests don’t work, but ‘positive climate’ might
Jan 13 14


Severe mental illness tied to higher rates of substance use
Jan 03 14


U.S. teens smoke more marijuana, but back off other drugs: survey
Dec 18 13


Five Factors ID Risk of Opioid AE
Dec 16 13


Heavy marijuana users have abnormal brain structure and poor memory
Dec 16 13


Why Are Millions Addicted To A Drug That Eats The Flesh Off Their Bones?
Dec 10 13


Study Points to Differences in High-School Crack, Powder Cocaine Use
Dec 05 13


Studies explore potential origins of addiction and treatments
Nov 12 13


Access to health care increases prescription opioid availability and associated abuse
Nov 05 13


Douglas Institute researcher establishes direct link between stimulus-response learning and alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse
Oct 31 13


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