Drug and Alcohol Dependence News

Forced methadone withdrawal in jails creates barrier to treatment in community
Mar 27 13


FDA advisers recommend approval of Titan Pharma’s opioid dependence drug
Mar 22 13


Study shows rising rate of propofol abuse by health care professionals
Mar 18 13


Discovery could yield treatments for cocaine addicts
Mar 17 13


Youth’s addiction recovery predicted with AA-related helping tool
Feb 27 13


Can Qigong Reduce Cocaine Cravings in Early Addiction Recovery?
Feb 25 13


Drug overdose deaths up for 11th year
Feb 24 13


UC Research is a Rare Examination of Interventions in Treating African-Americans With Substance Abuse
Feb 20 13


Smoking synthetic marijuana may damage kidneys
Feb 17 13


Prevention efforts focused on youth reduce prescription abuse into adulthood
Feb 15 13


Overdose education, bystander nasal naloxone rescue kits associated with decreased opioid overdose death
Feb 02 13


Scientists Find Gene Interactions That Make Cocaine Abuse Death 8 Times More Likely
Jan 22 13


Drug abuse impairs sexual performance in men even after rehabilitation
Jan 17 13


People with low risk for cocaine dependence have differently shaped brain to those with addiction
Jan 17 13


Black and Hispanic patients less likely to complete substance abuse treatment, Penn study shows
Jan 08 13


Naloxone reverses overdoses without hefty price tag
Jan 01 13


Link between pot, psychosis goes both ways in kids
Dec 27 12


Can exercise detoxify the body? Health experts are skeptical
Dec 17 12


Penn Study shows resistance to cocaine addiction may be passed down from father to son
Dec 17 12


Young binge eaters more likely to abuse drugs, study shows
Dec 12 12


Smokers celebrate as Wash. legalizes marijuana
Dec 10 12


Zogenix shares crash after negative FDA panel vote
Dec 10 12


Researchers say form of Ecstasy may heal combat trauma
Dec 06 12


Prosecutors warn pot smoking in public still outlawed in Washington state
Dec 06 12


Smoking may worsen hangover after heavy drinking
Dec 05 12


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