Drug and Alcohol Dependence News

FDA recommends tightening access to hydrocodone pain-killers
Oct 28 13


When drinking and genes may collide
Oct 17 13


What is krokodil? The flesh-rotting drug comes to the U.S.
Oct 13 13


Why do doctors abuse prescription drugs? ‘Self-medication’ is key reason
Oct 05 13


The lethal burden of drug overdose
Sep 28 13


Non-medical use of painkillers in the USA
Sep 28 13


Prescription drug addiction: the treatment challenge
Sep 28 13


Gallo Center study in mice links cocaine use to new brain structures
Aug 26 13


New findings could help improve development of drugs for addiction
Aug 02 13


Fewer states holding alcohol retailers responsible for harms from illegal service
Jul 30 13


Childhood economic status affects substance use among young adults
Jul 30 13


Alarmingly high substance abuse rates found among street children in low-income countries
Jul 13 13


Ritalin shows promise in treating addiction
Jun 28 13


Addiction relapse might be thwarted by turning off brain trigger
Jun 25 13


Missing enzyme linked to drug addiction
Jun 17 13


PROSPER prevention programs dramatically cut substance abuse among teens
Jun 04 13


IU researchers focus on a brain protein and an antibiotic to block cocaine craving
Jun 03 13


Scientists uncover molecular roots of cocaine addiction in the brain
May 23 13


New program successful in reducing service and substance use among frequent health care users
May 14 13


A Rising Tide of Substance Abuse
Apr 29 13


Study shows early dialogue between parents, children stems teen smoking
Apr 25 13


First medical marijuana school in Nevada opens
Apr 15 13


Drinking, drugs more common for kids of deployed
Apr 05 13


Laser light zaps away cocaine addiction
Apr 03 13


Children of deployed military parents more at risk for alcohol, drug use
Mar 28 13


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