Drug and Alcohol Dependence News

Training the brain to think ahead in addiction
Jan 27 11


Special report: In Russia, a glut of heroin and denial
Jan 26 11


Genetically Targeted Medication Shows Great Promise in Treating Alcohol Addiction
Jan 20 11


Substance abuse centers help quit smoking
Nov 19 10


29,000 Ontario students report problem gambling—drug use and suicide a concern
Nov 16 10


Portrait of gambling behavior in Quebec
Nov 10 10


New compounds may treat both alcohol and cigarette addictions
Nov 03 10


Drug experts say alcohol worse than crack or heroin
Nov 01 10


‘Evening types’ more likely to smoke: study
Oct 29 10


Year-long opiate substitution for drug misusers has 85 percent chance of cutting deaths
Oct 26 10


Project Prevention Announces Payment For Birth Control To The 3,000th Addicted Woman
Oct 18 10


4 kinds of compulsive gamblers identified
Oct 14 10


Can Internet use trigger depression?
Oct 05 10


The price of popularity: Drug and alcohol consumption
Sep 28 10


Prescription heroin helps addicts off street drugs
May 28 10


U.S. students suffering from Internet addiction - study
Apr 26 10


More cocaine-overdose deaths seen on hotter days
Mar 10 10


Sex addiction, obesity, Internet addiction not included in proposed changes to APA diagnostic manual
Feb 11 10


Recovery Act Supports Research on Recovery from Methamphetamine Addiction
Nov 05 09


Vaccine for Cocaine Addiction Shows Promise
Oct 14 09


Common Genes Tied to Alcohol, Nicotine, Cocaine Addictions
Mar 10 09


Adolescents are undertreated for addiction
Mar 02 09


Addiction: Insights from Parkinson’s disease
Feb 25 09


Injections of Licorice Ingredient Show Promise as Treatment for Cocaine Addiction
Feb 18 09


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