Drug and Alcohol Dependence News

Dutch coffee shops face new curbs on cannabis sale
Oct 10 11


Delaware bans drugs known as “bath salts”
Oct 01 11


Study shows young adults want to recover from addiction but need help to make it happen
Sep 30 11


“Club drugs” replacing heroin, crack in UK: experts
Sep 26 11


New study proposes public health guidelines to reduce the harms from cannabis use
Sep 23 11


Heavy drinkers may die needlessly in house fires
Sep 15 11


Amphetamine-type drugs nearly as common as cannabis: U.N.
Sep 13 11


“Other Teens Drink and Use Marijuana but My Kids Don’t,” Parents Say in New Poll
Sep 12 11


Teen Social Networking Increases Likelihood of Alcohol and Drug Use
Sep 01 11


Group Health establishes major initiative to prevent opioid abuse and overdose
Aug 04 11


Injection Drug Users in Greatest Need of Substance Abuse Treatment
Jul 13 11


Athletes may have different reasons for marijuana use
Jul 11 11


2 talks with teens leads to less marijuana use for at least a year
Jun 27 11


Abnormal brain structure linked to chronic cocaine abuse
Jun 21 11


Drinking, cannabis use and psychological distress increase, CAMH survey finds
Jun 13 11


Study finds unhealthy substance use a risk factor for not receiving some preventive health services
May 13 11


Methamphetamine Abuse May Raise Risk for Parkinson’s Disease
May 11 11


Toward a vaccine for methamphetamine abuse
May 11 11


Teenage Alcohol Consumption Associated With Computer Use
May 09 11


Aboriginal youth use tobacco, illicit drugs and alcohol more than non-Aboriginal youth
May 09 11


Nicotine and Cocaine Leave Similar Mark on Brain After First Contact
May 04 11


Adult-supervised drinking in young teens may lead to more alcohol use, consequences
Apr 28 11


New opioid-blocking medication effective to treat opioid dependence, in Lancet study
Apr 27 11


Study suggests lower risk of coronary heart disease from alcohol, even with hazardous drinking
Apr 27 11


Brain imaging demonstrates that former smokers have greater willpower
Apr 26 11


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