Drug and Alcohol Dependence News

Negative messages less effective on those who are substance dependent
Nov 26 12


Painkillers not as addictive as feared: study
Nov 03 12


Vanderbilt researchers find that diabetes drug could be effective in treating addiction
Oct 23 12


More Addictions Treated with Drug Therapy
Oct 23 12


Substance abuse diagnoses increasing in U.S.
Oct 23 12


Recovery of brain volumes with abstinence may vary for different brain regions
Oct 17 12


Programs for treating addiction in doctors pose ethical issues
Oct 15 12


Relapse or recovery? Neuroimaging predicts course of substance addiction treatment
Oct 15 12


With problem drinking, where you live may matter
Oct 08 12


Smoking marijuana regularly as a teen may lower IQ scores as an adult
Aug 29 12


What a drag, Israeli firm grows “highless” marijuana
Jul 03 12


New poppy blight poised to boost opium price: U.N.
Jun 26 12


Genes May Play Part in Opioid Side Effects
Jun 23 12


Study shows no evidence medical marijuana increases teen drug use
Jun 18 12


Even low levels of alcohol boost breast cancer risk, study finds
Jun 03 12


‘Bath salts’ addict warns of street drug’s dangers
May 31 12


U.S. says drug abuse needs treatment, not just jail
May 22 12


Pelosi blasts crackdown on medical marijuana
May 04 12


Number of US newborns with drug withdrawal triples
May 01 12


Specific protein triggers changes in neurons in brain reward center linked to cocaine addiction
Apr 23 12


Scripps Research Institute scientists develop antidote for cocaine overdose
Apr 18 12


Memory ‘re-consolidation’ may keep drug addicts from relapsing
Apr 15 12


Medical Marijuana in Focus at University of Maryland
Apr 12 12


High School Substance Abusers Start Using at Age 14, Study Finds
Apr 03 12


Most alcohol, drug abuse starts in the teens: study
Apr 02 12


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