Drug and Alcohol Dependence News

80,000 on benefits in UK due to addiction, obesity
Apr 21 11


Children of Britain lead the world in drinking and drugs
Apr 21 11


Another Reason not to Binge Drink Alcohol
Apr 19 11


The role that alcohol drinking may play in the risk of cancer
Apr 19 11


High rates of substance abuse exist among veterans with mental illness
Apr 19 11


Russia makes little progress against drugs-Medvedev
Apr 18 11


Canadian drug facility cut overdose deaths: study
Apr 18 11


Nearly All American Adults with Untreated Alcohol Use Disorders Don’t Think They Need Treatment
Apr 07 11


More smoke water pipes – family habits significant
Apr 07 11


Risk of Death from Opioid Overdose Related to Higher Prescription Dose
Apr 05 11


Scientists find gene linked to alcohol consumption
Apr 04 11


Different genes influence smoking risk during adolescence and adulthood
Mar 31 11


Long-term methadone treatment can affect the brain
Mar 23 11


Adolescent offspring of women who drank alcohol during first trimester
Mar 22 11


Vanderbilt study shows exercise can curb marijuana use and cravings
Mar 10 11


Doctors Lax In Monitoring Potentially Addicting Drugs
Mar 07 11


Six out of ten male drug-addicts abuse their partners, a study says
Mar 04 11


Cannabis use precedes the onset of psychotic symptoms in young people
Mar 02 11


Strong Link Found Between Victimization, Substance Abuse
Feb 25 11


All about addiction
Feb 23 11


New study finds no cognitive impairment among ecstasy users
Feb 15 11


Experts See Increasing Numbers of Teens Abusing Prescription Drugs
Feb 03 11


UT Southwestern Researchers Lead Network of Texas Scientists Trying to Find Better Drug-Addiction Treatments
Feb 03 11


Scripps Research scientists reveal key mechanism governing nicotine addiction
Jan 30 11


Drug May Help in Managing Morphine Tolerance
Jan 30 11


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