Drug and Alcohol Dependence News

Clinicians need to screen ‘nicotine naive’ teenagers for vaping, says UB addictions expert
May 07 16


Does alcohol consumption affect the risk for Parkinson’s disease?
Nov 10 15


Diabetes medication could be used to treat alcohol dependence
Sep 25 15


Crime ties are relative in youth offenders’ substance abuse
Sep 16 15


Giving pharmacists the power to combat opioid overdoses
Aug 24 15


Stress hormone reduces heroin cravings
Jul 28 15


Drug Overdose Now Leading Cause of Injury-Related Deaths
Jun 18 15


Brain receptor found to significantly affect cocaine addiction
Jun 18 15


Dietary Supplement May Help Treat Cocaine Dependence
Jun 17 15


Doctors Now Creating More Heroin Addicts than Drug Dealers
May 28 15


Substance abuse risk not greater in those using medical marijuana with prescribed opioids
May 18 15


New test detects drug use from a single fingerprint
May 15 15


Researchers discover how cocaine, amphetamines disrupt the brain’s normal functioning
May 11 15


Keeping legalized marijuana out of hands of kids
May 04 15


Your brain on drugs: Functional differences in brain communication in cocaine users
Apr 29 15


Benefits of heroin treatment for drug users
Apr 16 15


Illegal Heroin and United States Law
Apr 15 15


Heroin - Assisted Treatment (HAT)
Apr 15 15


Opioid relapse rates fall after jail release, according to pilot study
Apr 15 15


Link between social anxiety and drug use offers opportunities for more effective treatment
Apr 15 15


Research enables differentiated profiles in drug-addicted patients to be established
Apr 13 15


NYU study identifies teens at risk for hashish use
Apr 13 15


No link between psychedelics and mental health problems
Mar 05 15


Study details how cocaine works in the brain, offers possibility of drug to treat addiction
Feb 04 15


Toward a cocaine vaccine to help addicts kick the habit
Jan 21 15

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