Targeting cholesterol to fight deadly brain cancers
Sep 15 11


Astra’s Crestor drug fails to beat Pfizer’s Lipitor
Sep 02 11


Diet alone helps lower bad cholesterol: study
Aug 24 11


‘Good’ cholesterol function as important as its levels
Jun 23 11


Super-sticky ‘ultra-bad’ cholesterol revealed in people at high risk of heart disease
May 27 11


‘Good cholesterol’ structure identified, could help explain protective effects
Mar 14 11


Eggs are now naturally lower in cholesterol
Feb 08 11


Questions over statin prescribing
Jan 20 11


Quitting smoking improves cholesterol
Dec 27 10


Diabetes may clamp down on brain cholesterol
Nov 30 10


Mid-Life Cholesterol Levels Not Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease
Nov 11 10


Monounsaturated fats boost “good” cholesterol
Nov 01 10


‘Natural’ statins vary in quality, study finds
Oct 26 10


Scientists find gene for high cholesterol in blood
Sep 15 10


Compounds in non-stick cookware may be associated with elevated cholesterol in children and teens
Sep 07 10


Good cholesterol may mean little for statin users
Jul 22 10


All kids should have cholesterol tests: study
Jul 12 10


Cholesterol’s other way out
Jul 07 10


More “Good” Cholesterol is Not Always Good for Your Health
May 25 10


MicroRNA and host gene play key role in regulating cholesterol pathways
May 14 10


High cholesterol levels affect mobilization of cells from the bone marrow
May 10 10


Fasting May Not be Needed for Children’s Cholesterol Tests
May 03 10


Doctors fail to cut cholesterol enough, says study
Mar 11 10


Calcium and vitamin D may not cut cholesterol
Mar 04 10


Low-carb diet can increase bad cholesterol levels
Feb 24 10


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