Cholesterol activates signaling pathway that promotes cancer
Jul 15 14


Cholesterol levels vary by season, get worse in colder months
Mar 27 14


Early statin therapy helps kids with inherited high cholesterol
Nov 17 13


A mother’s high cholesterol before pregnancy can be passed on to her children
Oct 16 13


When it comes to the good cholesterol, fitness trumps weight
Oct 09 13


Unnecessary repeat cholesterol tests common: study
Jul 02 13


Specialized treatment helps cholesterol patients who suffer side effects from statins
Jun 29 13


Researchers Find New Way to Clear Cholesterol From the Blood
Apr 11 13


Cholesterol buildup links atherosclerosis and macular degeneration
Apr 02 13


Merck CEO says jury out on raising good cholesterol
Jan 24 13


FDA OKs Drug for Rare Lipid Disorder
Dec 29 12


For cholesterol tests, fasting may not be required
Nov 13 12


New Drug Significantly Lowers Bad Cholesterol
Nov 06 12


Canadian scientists discover cause of high cholesterol
Oct 27 12


Higher-dose use of certain statins often best for cholesterol issues
Oct 15 12


Vitamin D supplements do not improve cholesterol as previous research suggested
Sep 05 12


Photographic cholesterol test
Aug 19 12


Researchers Identify Changes in Cholesterol Metabolic Pathways
Jun 08 12


Cholesterol levels continue to drop
Apr 24 12


Monthly shots of Amgen drug slash cholesterol up to 66 percent
Mar 26 12


Study supports soy cholesterol benefits for some
Feb 27 12


New advance announced in reducing ‘bad’ cholesterol
Dec 08 11


Cholesterol drugs safe, even after a decade of use
Nov 23 11


Green tea shows small effect on cholesterol
Nov 16 11


Cleveland Clinic researcher reports that evacetrapib can increase HDL (good) cholesterol 128 percent
Nov 15 11


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