Less frequent cholesterol checks okay with a statin
May 06 08


Chocolate bar shown to lower cholesterol
Apr 21 08


New research shows neuroprotective effect of lovastatin
Apr 09 08


Vytorin expert panel says ‘go back to statins’
Mar 31 08


Two cholesterol drugs better than one for diabetics
Mar 24 08


Genes that protect against atherosclerosis identified
Mar 14 08


Study Shows Cholesterol-lowering Power of Dietitian Visits
Mar 04 08


Total cholesterol tied to risk of plaque rupture
Feb 27 08


Prions link cholesterol to neurodegeneration
Feb 12 08


Making Statins Even Better
Feb 08 08


Children May Have Cholesterol Problems, Too
Feb 05 08


Colestipol Reduces Cholesterol Levels
Feb 04 08


Study locates cholesterol genes; finds surprises about good, bad cholesterol
Jan 14 08


Researchers Report Breakthrough in Lowering Cholesterol, Fatty Acids
Jan 14 08


Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs and the Risk of Hemorrhagic Stroke
Dec 12 07


Not Enough ‘Good’ Cholesterol Makes It Harder to Recover from Stroke
Nov 26 07


More on mate tea: lower cholesterol and an international agreement
Oct 23 07


Cholesterol metabolism links early- and late-onset Alzheimer’s disease
Oct 04 07


Low maternal cholesterol tied to premature birth
Oct 02 07


One in Six Americans Never Has Had Their Cholesterol Checked
Sep 27 07


Older American Women Better Informed About Cholesterol than Younger Women
Sep 20 07


How Atorvastatin Reduces Cholesterol and Fats in Blood Vessels
Sep 18 07


New Method Speeds Up Gene Discovery, Pinpoints Cholesterol Gene
Sep 17 07


Why bad things can happen to the heart when ‘good’ cholesterol goes bad
Aug 22 07


Ability to Cope with Stress Can Increase ‘Good’ Cholesterol in Older White Men
Aug 19 07


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