Trendy supplement doesn’t lower cholesterol
May 17 06


Two Popular Statins Go Generic, Paving Way for Savings
Apr 27 06


Cholesterol-lowering food combo effective
Apr 21 06


Direct link between high cholesterol levels and prostate cancer
Apr 13 06


High levels of HDL cholesterol more important than low levels of LDL
Apr 04 06


Enriched fruit drink can lower cholesterol
Apr 02 06


HDL cholesterol level predicts heart events
Mar 24 06


Long term reduction in LDL cholesterol dramatically reduces risk of heart disease
Mar 23 06


Lowering Cholesterol Early in Life Protects Against Heart Disease Later
Mar 23 06


Scientists develop new research mice to help understand “good” cholesterol
Mar 21 06


Special Mice Help Scientists Explore the Complexities of Cholesterol
Mar 17 06


Pills containing plant sterols lower LDL cholesterol
Mar 09 06


Foods Fortified with Plant Sterols, Stanols Can Lower Cholesterol
Feb 22 06


Updated optional cholesterol goals hard to reach
Feb 15 06


Low-Carbohydrate Diets Appear Effective, But May Raise Cholesterol Levels
Feb 13 06


Red grapefruit appears to lower cholesterol, fight heart disease
Feb 08 06


Many at-risk people aren’t getting adequate cholesterol treatment
Feb 07 06


Statement of Facts: Soy and Cholesterol
Jan 25 06


Statins account for 81% of first-line therapies for dyslipidemia treatment
Jan 23 06


Pfizer says Lipitor shown safe at highest dose
Jan 18 06


Skipping Breakfast may actually cause health problems
Jan 12 06


Skin cholesterol content identifies artery risk
Jan 05 06


“Bad” LDL cholesterol may benefit elderly
Jan 04 06


Statins useful in heart patients with very low LDL
Dec 29 05


High cholesterol may lead to high blood pressure in men
Dec 15 05

Men with high total cholesterol are much more likely to develop high blood pressure than men with low total cholesterol, according to a study in

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