Diet Important to Lower Cholesterol Even When Taking Medication
Dec 06 05


Stress may raise cholesterol in some
Nov 29 05


Soy Improves Cholesterol Profile in Postmenopausal Women
Nov 15 05


Pfizer says cholesterol drug promising in trials
Nov 15 05


Aggressive Lowering of LDL-Cholesterol Level Shows Limited Benefit
Nov 15 05


Baby’s genes affect mom’s cholesterol levels
Nov 14 05


Statins of little benefit in those with high HDL
Nov 08 05

Findings from a new study suggest that doctors should use “good” (HDL) cholesterol levels to determine which elderly patients are most likely to benefit from statin…


Zocor curbs smoking-related lung damage, in rats
Oct 31 05


Pravastatin is highly effective in lowering the risk of heart attack
Oct 27 05


Very low cholesterol levels appear to be safe
Oct 17 05

Very low levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the “bad” type of cholesterol, achieved with intensive therapy with cholesterol-lowering drugs called “statins,” which include drugs such as Lipitor…


Cholesterol Is Hitting New Lows for Americans
Oct 11 05

Americans are winning the cholesterol war, according to a major yardstick of the nation’s health.

Data collected by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) showed to…


Statins appear to enhance bone health in men, too
Oct 06 05


Low cholesterol linked to Parkinson’s risk in men
Sep 29 05


Anti-cholesterol drug ‘lifesaver’
Sep 27 05

THOUSANDS of Heart Attacks and Strokes could be prevented if more Australians had access to cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Under Australian prescribing guidelines, a class of drugs known as statins are only…


Scientists find wider uses for cholesterol drugs
Sep 26 05

Cholesterol-lowering drugs could help to prevent diabetics and people at high risk of Heart disease from suffering a Heart Attack or Stroke even if their cholesterol…


Statin use linked to lower prostate cancer risk
Aug 19 05

The use of cholesterol-lowering drugs called “Statins,” which include drugs such as Lipitor and Pravachol, may cut the risk of aggressive forms of Prostate cancer,…


Hormone linked to sugar control in diabetics
Aug 18 05


Dietary changes that may be helpful
Aug 08 05

Eating animal foods containing saturated fat is linked to High cholesterol levels and Heart disease. Significant amounts of animal-based saturated fat are found in beef, pork, veal,…


Lifestyle changes that may be helpful
Aug 08 05

Exercise increases protective HDL cholesterol, an effect that occurs even from walking. Total and LDL cholesterol are typically lowered by exercise, especially when weight-loss also occurs. Exercisers have a…


The Statins… Doing More Than Lowering Your Cholesterol?
Aug 08 05


Dietary Therapy Controls High Blood Cholesterol
Aug 08 05


Does lowering LDL cholesterol prevent heart attacks and strokes?
Aug 08 05

Lowering LDL cholesterol is currently the primary focus in preventing Atherosclerosis and Heart Attacks. Most doctors now believe that the benefits of lowering LDL cholesterol include:


High Blood cholesterol: Sample Menus
Aug 08 05


High Blood cholesterol: Glossary of terms
Aug 08 05


What are lipid-altering medications?
Aug 08 05

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