Gynecology news

CT and Ultrasound Equally Valuable in Diagnosing Pelvic Pain in Women
May 01 06


MRI Accurate and Safe for Diagnosing Ureteral Reflux
May 01 06


Androgen Use Could Help Millions of American Women
May 01 06


Oral painkillers best after C-section
Apr 27 06


Osteoporosis could be caused by factors other than declining estrogen levels
Apr 27 06


Women with Experienced Temporary Amenorrhea at time of Spinal Cord Injury may achieve Pregnancy
Apr 26 06


Diet change may improve ovary disease outcomes
Apr 20 06


Immunotherapy Doesn’t Reduce Risk of Recurrent Miscarriage
Apr 19 06


Procedure Decreases Incontinence After Prolapse Surgery
Apr 13 06


Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy Appears to Increase Risk of Blood Clots
Apr 11 06


Perimenopause May Trigger First-Time Depression
Apr 05 06


Evidence of estrogen and progesterone hormone allergy discovered
Apr 05 06


First Study of Uterine Fibroid Embolization Post-Menopause
Apr 03 06


Episiotomy use should be minimized: new guidelines
Apr 02 06


Marijuana use affects fertility treatment outcomes
Apr 02 06


Report Sheds New Light on Benefits, Harms of Cesarean Deliveries
Mar 31 06


Using Biofeedback to Diagnose and Treat Vaginal Pain
Mar 24 06


Combining old with new could resolve fertility problems
Mar 22 06


Body-mind therapy may ease anxiety of IVF
Mar 18 06


Osteoporosis screening missing highest-risk women
Mar 17 06


Herpes risk higher for infants of young parents
Mar 13 06


Four factors tied to need for cesarean delivery
Mar 13 06


Hysterectomy costly way to treat uterine bleeding
Mar 09 06


Single hormone injection helps with hot flashes
Mar 07 06


Stress may raise women’s BV risk
Mar 03 06


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