High Blood cholesterol news

Diet changes improve older adults’ cholesterol too
Feb 19 10


Diet changes improve older adults’ cholesterol too
Feb 01 10


Supplement may offer a statin alternative for some
Dec 25 09


Selenium supplementation may boost cholesterol
Nov 24 09


Low cholesterol may be sign of undiagnosed cancer
Nov 03 09


Cholesterol necessary for brain development
Oct 02 09


Scientists identify cholesterol-regulating genes
Jul 07 09


More patients across the world lowering ‘bad’ cholesterol
Jun 23 09


PDAs, More Education Help Doctors Follow Cholesterol Treatment Guidelines
Apr 23 09


Statins cut stroke risk by one fifth, study finds
Apr 15 09


Evidence weak on new cholesterol tests: U.S. study
Apr 08 09


Statins cut strokes even with normal cholesterol
Feb 23 09


Few U.S. teens need cholesterol-lowering drugs
Feb 19 09


Researchers make synthetic HDL cholesterol: study
Jan 14 09


Synthetic HDL: A new weapon to fight cholesterol problems
Jan 09 09


Aggressive cholesterol lowering has benefits: study
Dec 15 08


Study associates 11 new gene sites with cholesterol, triglyceride levels
Dec 08 08


Researchers learn that some ‘good cholesterol’ isn’t good enough
Dec 01 08


Cholesterol in the News: Answers and More Questions
Sep 03 08


High Cholesterol Levels Drop Naturally in Children on High-Fat Antiseizure Diet
Aug 27 08


Lowering Cholesterol Early in Life Could Save Lives
Aug 05 08


Red yeast rice, fish oil fight high cholesterol
Jul 17 08


Fish oil and red yeast rice studied for lowering blood cholesterol
Jul 08 08


Gene Variants Linked to Metabolic Syndrome and HDL Cholesterol Levels
Jun 18 08


Genetically-Caused Low HDL Cholesterol Not Linked With Higher Risk of Heart Disease
Jun 03 08


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