Woman gets $11.5 million for loss of baby

An Illinois woman who lost her unborn baby and her small intestine due to hospital negligence has been awarded $11.5 million, her lawyer said.

A DuPage County jury brought the judgment against Edward Hospital in Naperville, Ill., for Sabine Miller, 30, of Bolingbrook, her lawyer told the Chicago Tribune.

Miller was taken to Edward on Nov. 30, 2004, with abdominal pains. She was 14 weeks pregnant and taken to the postpartum unit, where nurses failed to monitor her condition and that of her unborn baby, attorney Robert Strelecky said.

Miller informed hospital staff that she had a prior condition, a twisted intestine when she was 4 years old.

Hours passed and she lost consciousness before medical personnel moved her to intensive care. By then, her small intestine was beyond saving and her baby was dead, Strelecky said.

Miller later had a small intestine transplant but will face severe health challenges for the rest of her life and cannot risk another pregnancy, he said.


CHICAGO, Oct. 27 (UPI)

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