Widely spaced teeth

Alternative names
Teeth - widely spaced


Widely spaced teeth can be a temporary condition related to normal growth and the acquisition of adult teeth. It can also occur as a permanent condition in several diseases. Wide spacing can also result from continued growth of the maxilla or jaw, as is seen in acromegaly.

Common Causes

  • Normal growth (temporary widening)  
  • Tooth shifting due to missing teeth  
  • Acromegaly  
  • Morquio syndrome  
  • Sanfilippo syndrome  
  • Ellis-van Creveld syndrome

Home Care
If the appearance is bothersome, ask your dentist about the possibility of orthodontic work (braces).

Call your health care provider if

  • Your child’s teeth or jaws appear to be developing abnormally.  
  • Other symptoms accompany the appearance of widely spaced teeth.

What to expect at your health care provider’s office
Diagnostic tests that may be performed include:

  • Dental x-rays  
  • Facial or skull x-rays


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by Sharon M. Smith, M.D.

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