Bruise mark treatment

Alternative names
Eccymosis treatment; Hematoma or contusion treatment


Is there a way to reduce black-and-blue bruises caused by trauma to an area of the body?

Apply ice packs to the injured area immediately after the injury and hold pressure. The ice pack must be kept on for at least 20 minutes. It may be alternated with a heat pack for the next 48 hours. Although a bruise may be reduced by this method, it will have to undergo the appropriate stages of healing. It will change color from red to purple to yellow to brown. See bruising.

Seek help from a health care provider if:

  1. The injury is due to severe trauma.
  2. There are bruise marks that do not resolve with time.
  3. Significant bruising occurs with minimal injury.
  4. The bruise is a result of a recent procedure or surgery.
  5. If there is severe pain, redness, swelling or warmth to touch accompanying the bruise.

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Last revised: December 5, 2012
by Potos A. Aagen, M.D.

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