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    Dictionary of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations
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[ L ]

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  • LLBCD  left lower border of cardiac dullness
  • LLC  laparoscopic laser cholecystectomy; Lewis lung carcinoma; link layer controller [telemedicine]; liquid-liquid chromatography; long-leg cast; lymphocytic leukemia
  • LLCC  long-leg cylinder cast
  • LLCD  link layer controller detector [telemedicine]
  • LLC-MK1  rhesus monkey kidney cells
  • LLC-MK2  rhesus monkey kidney cells
  • LLC-MK3  Cercopithecus monkey kidney cells
  • LLC-RK1  rabbit kidney cells
  • LLD  left lateral decubitus [muscle]; leg length discrepancy; limb length discrepancy; lipid-lowering drug; long-lasting depolarization
  • LLE  left lower extremity
  • LLETZ  large loop excision of the transformation zone
  • LLF  Laki-Lorand factor; late-life forgetfulness; left lateral femoral; left lateral flexion
  • LLI  leg length inequality; low-level interface
  • LLL  late luminal loss; left lower [eye]lid; left liver lobe; left lower leg; left lower lobe
  • LLLE  lower lid left eye
  • LLLT  low-reactive level laser therapy
  • LLM  localized leukocyte mobilization
  • LLMSE  linear least mean square error
  • LLN  lower limit of normal
  • LLNA  local lymph node assay
  • LLO  Legionella-like organism; listeriolysin O; lower limb orthosis
  • LLP  late luteal phase; long-lasting potentiation
  • LLPV  left lower pulmonary vein
  • LLQ  left lower quadrant; low-level question
  • LLR  large local reaction; left lateral rectus [muscle]; left lumbar region; ligation linked [polymerase chain] reaction; long intergenic region; long latency reflex
  • LLRE  lower lid right eye
  • LLS  lazy leukocyte syndrome; Level of Living Survey; linear least squares; long-leg splint; low-level segmentation [module]
  • LLSB  left lower scapular border; left lower sternal border
  • LLSF  linear least squares fit
  • LLSV  Llano Seco virus
  • LLT  left lateral thigh; lysolecithin
  • LLV  lymphatic leukemia virus
  • LLV-F  lymphatic leukemia virus, Friend associated
  • LLVP  left lateral ventricular preexcitation
  • LLWC  long-leg walking cast
  • LLX  left lower extremity
  • LLZ  left lower zone
  • LLZ-TB  lower lung zone tuberculosis
  • LM  labiomental; lactic acid mineral [medium]; lactose malabsorption; laminin; laryngeal mask; laryngeal melanosis; laryngeal muscle; lateral malleolus; left main [coronary artery]; left marginal [coronary artery]; left median; legal medicine; lemniscus medialis; leptomeningeal; Levenberg-Marquardt [algorithm]; Licentiate in Medicine; Licentiate in Midwifery; light microscope, light microscopy; light minimum; lincomycin; lingual margin; linguomesial; lipid mobilization; liquid membrane; Listeria monocytogenes; living male; localized movement; longitudinal muscle; lower motor [neuron]; lung metastases; lymphatic metastases
  • L/M  Latin male
  • Lm  Listeria monocytogenes
  • Lm  lower midline; lumen
  • L/m  liters per minute
  • LMA  laryngeal mask airway; left main [coronary] artery; left mentoanterior [fetal position]; limbic midbrain area; liver cell membrane autoantibody
  • LMB  Laurence-Moon-Biedl [syndrome]; left main bronchus; leiomyoblastoma; leukomethylene blue
  • LMBB  Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedl [syndrome]
  • LMBS  Laurence-Moon-Biedl syndrome
  • LMC  large motile cell; lateral motor column; left main coronary [artery]; left middle cerebral [artery]; living male child; lymphocyte-mediated cytotoxicity; lymphomyeloid complex
  • LMCA  left main coronary artery; left middle cerebral artery
  • LMCAD  left main coronary artery disease
  • LMCAO  left marginal coronary artery occlusion
  • LMCC  Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada
  • LMCL  left midclavicular line
  • LMD  lipid-moiety modified derivative; local medical doctor; low-molecular-weight dextran; lumbar microdiscotomy
  • LMDS  locally multiply damaged sites
  • LMDX  low-molecular-weight dextran
  • LME  left mediolateral episiotomy; leukocyte migration enhancement; longitudinal mixed effects [in linear regression analysis]
  • LMed&Ch  Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery
  • LMF  left middle finger; lymphocyte mitogenic factor
  • Lm/ft2  lumens per square foot
  • LMG  lethal midline granuloma
  • LMH  lipid-mobilizing hormone
  • Lmh  lumen hour
  • LMI  leukocyte migration inhibition
  • LMIF  leukocyte migration inhibition factor
  • L/min  liters per minute
  • LMK  low molecular weight kininogen
  • LML  large and medium lymphocytes; left mediolateral; left middle lobe
  • LMM  Lactobacillus maintenance medium; laser microbeam microdissection; lentigo maligna melanoma; light meromyosin
  • Lm/m2  lumens per square meter
  • LMMG  low molecular mass G [protein]
  • LMMH  low molecular mass heparin
  • LMN  lower motor neuron
  • LMNL  lower motor neuron lesion
  • LMO  living modified organism; localized molecular orbital
  • LMP  large multifunctional protease; last menstrual period; latent membrane potential; left mentoposterior [fetal position]; lumbar puncture
  • LMPS  lethal multiple pterygium syndrome
  • LMR  left medial rectus [muscle]; localized magnetic resonance; longitudinal medical record; lymphocytic meningopolyradiculitis
  • LMRCP  Licentiate in Midwifery of the Royal College of Physicians
  • LMRP  local medical review policy
  • LMS  laser marker system; lateral medullary syndrome; least mean square; left main stem [coronary artery]; leiomyosarcoma; Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery
  • Lms  lumen-second
  • LMS HPF  least means square high pass filter
  • LMSSA  Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery of the Society of Apothecaries
  • LMT  left main trunk; left mentotransverse [fetal position]; leukocyte migration technique
  • LMV  larva migrans visceralis
  • LMW  low molecular weight
  • Lm/W  lumens per watt
  • LMWD  low-molecular-weight dextran
  • LMWH  low-molecular-weight heparin
  • LMWP  low-molecular-weight proteinuria
  • LMWT  low molecular weight
  • LMZ  left midzone
  • LN  labionasal; laminin; Lesch-Nyhan [syndrome]; lipoid nephrosis; Lisch nodule; low necrosis; lung nodule; lupus nephritis; lymph node; Lyon normotensive [rat]
  • Ln  lymph node
  • LN2  liquid nitrogen
  • L/N  letter/numerical [system]
  • Ln  natural logarithm
  • LNAA  large neutral amino acid
  • LNBx  lymph node biopsy
  • LNC  lymph node cell
  • LND  lymph node dissection
  • LNDS  lymph node [cancer] negative dataset
  • LNE  lymph node enlargement
  • LNF  laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication
  • LNH  large number hypothesis
  • LNKS  low natural killer syndrome
  • LNL  lymph node lymphocyte
  • LNLS  linear-nonlinear least squares
  • LNM  lymph node metastasis
  • LNMC  lymph node mononuclear cell
  • LNMP  last normal menstrual period
  • LNNB  Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery
  • LNP  large neuronal polypeptide
  • LNPF  lymph node permeability factor
  • LNS  lateral nuclear stratum; Lesch-Nyhan syndrome
  • LNV  last normal vertebra
  • LO  lateral oblique; linguo-occlusal; lipoxygenase; lumbar orthosis; lysyl oxidase
  • 5-LO  5-lipooxygenase
  • LOA  leave of absence; Leber optic atrophy; left occipitoanterior [fetal position]
  • LOAEL  lowest observed adverse effect level
  • LOC  laxative of choice; level of consciousness; liquid organic compound; locus of control; loss of consciousness
  • LOCA  low osmolarity contrast agent
  • Lo cal  low calorie
  • Lo calc  low calcium
  • LOCAT  Lopid Coronary Angiography Trial
  • LOCF  last observation carried forward
  • Lo CHO  low carbohydrate
  • Lo chol  low cholesterol
  • LOCM  low molecular contrast medium
  • LOCS  laryngoonychocutaneous syndrome
  • LOD  line of duty; log odds ratio [score]
  • LOF  lofexidine
  • LOFD  low outlet forceps delivery
  • LOG  lipoxygenase
  • LOG, LoG  laplacian of gaussian [in imaging]
  • Log  logarithm
  • LOGIC  laryngeal and ocular granulations in children of Indian subcontinent [syndrome]
  • LOH  loop of Henle; loss of heterozygosity
  • LOHF  late-onset hepatic failure
  • LOI  level of incompetence; level of injury; limit of impurities; loss of imprinting
  • LOIH  left oblique inguinal hernia
  • LOINC  Logical Observation Identifier of Names and Codes [vocabulary]
  • Lo k  low potassium
  • LOKD  late-onset Krabbe disease
  • LOKV  Lokern virus
  • LOL  left occipitolateral [fetal position]
  • LOM  left otitis media; ligament of Marshall; limitation of motion; loss of motion
  • LOMC  laser optical memory card
  • LOMIR-MCT-IL  Lomir [isradipine] Multicenter Study in Israel
  • LOMSA  left otitis media suppurativa acuta
  • LOMSC, LOMSCh  left otitis media suppurativa chronica
  • Lo Na  low sodium
  • Long  longitudinal
  • LONIR  Laboratory of Neuro-Imaging Resources
  • LOP  leave on pass; left occipitoposterior [fetal position]
  • LOPAIR  long path infrared [alarm]
  • LOPP  chlorambucil, vincristine, procarbazine, prednisolone
  • LOPS  length of patient's stay
  • LOQ  lower outer quadrant
  • LOR  long open reading frame; lorazepam; loricrin; loss of righting reflex
  • Lord  lordosis, lordotic
  • LORETA  low-resolution brain electromagnetic tomography
  • LORF  long open reading frame
  • LOS  length of stay; Licentiate in Obstetrical Science; lipo-oligosaccharide; low cardiac output syndrome; lower [o]esophageal sphincter
  • LOS(P)  lower [o]esophageal sphincter (pressure)
  • LOT  lateral olfactory tract; left occipitotransverse [fetal position]; Long-Term Outcome after Thrombolysis [study]
  • Lot  lotion
  • LOV  large opaque vesicle; loviride
  • LOWBI  low-birth-weight infant
  • LOX  liquid oxygen; lysyl oxidase
  • LOXL  lysyl oxidase-like
  • LP  labile peptide; labile protein; laboratory procedure; lactic peroxidase; lamina propria; laryngopharyngeal; late potential; latent period, latency period; lateralis posterior [muscle]; lateral plantar; lateral posterior; lateral pylorus; latex particle; Legionella pneumophila; leukocyte poor; leukocytic pyrogen; levator palati; levator palpebrae; lichen planus; ligamentum patellae; light padding; light perception; lingua plicata; linear predictive [spectral analysis]; linear programming; linguopulpal; lipoprotein; liver plasma [concentration]; longitudinal propagation; loss of privileges; low potency; low power; low pressure; low protein; lumbar puncture; lumboperitoneal; lung parenchyma; lymphocyte predominant; lymphoid plasma; lymphomatoid papulosis
  • L/P  lactate/pyruvate [ratio]; liver plasma [concentration]; lymph/plasma [ratio]
  • Lp  lipoprotein; sound pressure level
  • Lp  pathlength
  • LPA  latex particle agglutination; left pulmonary artery; lipoprotein A; lysophosphatidic acid
  • Lp(a)  lipoprotein A
  • LPAM  L-phenylalanine mustard
  • LPB, Lp(b)  lipoprotein B
  • LPBP  low-profile bioprosthesis
  • LPC  laser photocoagulation; late positive component; leukocyte-poor cell; linear predictive coding; lipocortin; longitudinal primary care [program]; lysophosphatidylcholine
  • LPCh  latero-posterior choroidal
  • LPCM  low-placed conus medullaris
  • LP/cm  line pairs per centimeter
  • LPCT  late proximal cortical tubule
  • LPD  Lovelace Patient Database; low-protein diet; luteal phase defect; lymphoproliferative disease
  • LPDF  lipoprotein-deficient fraction
  • LPDS  lymph node [cancer] positive dataset
  • LPE  lipoprotein electrophoresis; liquid phase epitaxy; lysophosphatidylethanolamine
  • LPF  leukocytosis-promoting factor; leukopenia factor; lipopolysaccharide factor; localized plaque formation; low pass filter; low-power field; lymphocytosis-promoting factor
  • Lpf  low-power field
  • LPFB  left posterior fascicular block
  • LPFN  low-pass filtered noise
  • LPFS  low-pass filtered signal
  • LPG  left paracolic gutter; lipophosphoglycan
  • LPH  lactase-phlorizin hydrolase; left posterior hemiblock; lipotropic pituitary hormone
  • LPHA  local public health agency
  • LPHAS  limb/pelvis-hypoplasia/aplasia syndrome
  • LPHD  lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin disease
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