Childhood Obesity Causes - Facts & Dangers

Losing weight can look like an unwinnable war for those who are suffering from overweight. Be aware from several childhood obesity causes, Facts and Dangers that have contributed to its boost globally.

Childhood Obesity (meaning a BMI-for-age above the 95th percentile) can happen as an effect of various combination of causes like environment and genetic factors. Nevertheless, it is significant to realize that weight gain, whether leading to mild or severe clinical obesity, typically occurs when a person takes more calories than expends. A high calorie surplus is usually needed to cause obesity.

Childhood obesity is a critical medical situation that affects children as well as adolescents when a child gains weight above than normal age and height ratio. Childhood obesity troubles particularly because extra pounds mostly lead children on the path to health problems that were formerly confined to adults, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and High cholesterol. Childhood obesity can lead to poor self-esteem and depression in persons. To reduce childhood obesity, one of the best strategies is to improve the diet and workout habits of whole family. Preventing and treating childhood obesity helps to care for the health of your child.


For many physicians and researchers studying obesity, BMI (body mass index) is the measurement of choice.

BMI = weight in kilograms / (height in meters x height in meters)

This is what the child’s BMI can indicate:

-  - A BMI of less than 19 – underweight
-  - A BMI of 19-24.9 – normal weight
-  - A BMI of 25-29.9 – overweight
-  - A BMI of 30+ – denotes obesity

Childhood Obesity Causes  Causes of Childhood Obesity:
Lack of Exercise:

During these days, the average children spends a lot of time in watching TV at home, playing computer games that include mental stimulation not physical. Just few calories are expended during this sedentary doings. Obesity evidence is higher in children and teenagers who habitually watch television. Merely a little minority of children (1 in 5) take part regularly in after-school sports or extra-curricular or outdoor physical activity. Inclusion of running and burning the calories in games that gained from their food are not a popular option any longer. Minority numbers of children are aware about fitness. They do not care about the overweight or care extra about it causing bulimia and anorexia.
Snack time, All the Time:

Obesity’s one of the causes is too much nibbling. Statistics and facts of the childhood obesity show that on snacks and fast food, billions of dollars are spent on a daily basis. Children do not concentrate on healthier types of snacks. High-calorie snack vending machines surrounded at school are dispensing high-calorie snacks that have a tendency of a high calorie count. Children are exposed to a battery of fattening snack foods and drinks via regular TV-watching. That’s why the variety in the market and amazing marketing techniques on the part of snack manufacturers have added the list of causes leading to obesity.
Family Ties:

One should keep in mind that a child is only as healthy as the rules that are laid down for them by the family. While kids are in the process of growing, parents should make an impact upon the importance of health and fitness. So everyone in the family should maintain the meal times of the day. If children skip meals due to parents and are survived on the fast food then they can’t be expected to stay away from doing so.
Fast Food Rules:

It is apparent that home-cooked meals are being avoided with increasing popularity of KFC and McDonalds. According to the studies occasional consumption of fast food is not harmful. Consisting of fast food in majority of the meals can take a toll on the health. Fast food is too high on the calorie count and too low on the nutrition count. So a person does not get full nutrition from it. This in turn leads them to eat more of it and leading to weight gain.

Many children even older have a tendency to associate consuming with emotional moods. In these days, children can lose their self confidence due to intense stress even at school level that makes a tad bit more susceptible to emotions. This leads to rather a bout of reckless emotional eating that is mostly with foods that are low nutritious and high in calorie count, like ice creams and chocolates. This makes it a major reason of childhood obesity.

Some other causes of the childhood obesity:

-  - Genetics
-  - Behavior
-  - Environment
-  - Socio-Demographics
-  - Body Image
-  - Family history
-  - Socioeconomic factors
-  - Overeating or binging
-  - Certain diseases like hormonal disorders

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