Childhood Obesity Causes - Facts & Dangers

Dangers of Childhood Obesity:

The risks of childhood obesity are more serious than teasing on the schoolyard and far deeper. Childhood obesity creates short-term health risks and leaves children susceptible to health risks as adults. In several worst cases, diseases that last for the rest of their lives are developed in obese children.

A Growing Problem:

In a study of 14 industrialized countries, United States’ children were found as the most likely to be overweight. In the United States, according to a study at the age of 13 years the ratio of obese children, in boys is 12.6% and in girls is 10.8%.

It doesn’t get better as children get grown-up: 13.9% of 15-year-old boys and 15.1% of 15-year-old girls are overweight. It is also shown in research that obesity is not like something that kids grow out of; obese children have a 70% probability of becoming obese adults.
Serious Health Risks:

Obese children face many problems that only occur in adults like,

-  - Heart disease
-  - Type II diabetes
-  - Joint issues — overweight people are more likely to get defects in load-bearing limbs
-  - High cholesterol
-  - Breathing problems
-  - Sleep Apnea
-  - Liver problems

The Psychological Toll:

Obesity is not just affect on physical health. How much the poor obese kids are teased or eschewed by their peers in your class at school that is Psychological Toll. And still, with more overweight children around, some serious psychological dangers with childhood obesity are terrible for them. Obesity can frequently affect Psychological health.

Obesity doesn’t just affect physical health. It can often affect mental condition. Obese children are often teased or shunned by their peers. This can lead to several emotional issues:

-  - Low self-esteem
-  - Depression
-  - Bullying
-  - Poor school performance

Lack of self-confidence, which sometimes shows as apparent over- confidence — it’s all too easy for an overweight child to become the self-selected class jester, hiding their hurt behind a mask of buffoonery.

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