New insights into premature ejaculation could lead to better diagnosis and treatment
May 22 14


Sexual conflict affects females more than males, says new research on beetles
Apr 27 14


Lowering Your Cholesterol May Improve Your Sex Life
Mar 31 14


Research links risky behaviors of gambling and sex
Feb 25 14


Teens who text about condoms more likely to use them
Feb 19 14


Educating young men could expand ‘morning after pill’ use
Feb 15 14


Data on today’s youth reveal childhood clues for later risk of STDs
Feb 11 14


Sexually active midlife women continue to have sex
Feb 10 14


Source of chlamydia reinfections may be GI tract
Feb 06 14


Women with a high economic status claim to have better sex
Jan 15 14


Male birth control pill could be possible in 10 years: researchers
Dec 04 13


Fruit flies with better sex lives live longer
Nov 28 13


Men and women take home different regrets after sex : study
Nov 25 13


Ditty bag of condoms, home-use instructions lead to improved comfort and consistency with condom use
Nov 05 13


Conversations between lovers about STIs are important in theory but difficult in bed
Nov 05 13


Considerable gender, racial and sexuality differences in attitudes toward bisexuality
Nov 05 13


Origins of Syphilis Still a Mystery, Researchers Say
Nov 04 13


Improved sexual functioning, hormones after weight-loss bariatric surgery
Nov 04 13


Child sexual abuse via the Internet on the rise
Oct 31 13


Condoms should be more available to teens, doctors say
Oct 28 13


Sexual Violence Common Among Adolescents
Oct 15 13


New study suggests changing bacterial mix may lead to painful sex after menopause
Oct 03 13


Chlamydia and gonorrhoea infections linked to pregnancy complications
Sep 04 13


Baby circumcisions in U.S. hospitals decline over three decades
Aug 22 13


Many evangelicals are ambivalent about homosexuality and civil unions for gays
Aug 13 13


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