Is Sexual Addiction the Real Deal
Jul 21 13


Sex and BC East Asian teenagers
Jul 18 13


Hidden strains of HPV found in ‘virus-negative’ genital warts
Jul 11 13


Male on male consensual sex and sexual assault common in South Africa
Jun 19 13


No increased risk of infection for long-term sex partners of people with HPV-related oral cancers
Jun 02 13


Focus on STD, Not Cancer Prevention, to Promote HPV Vaccine Use
May 02 13


Sexually explicit material affects behavior in young people less than thought
Apr 25 13


TGen-led study discovers dramatic changes in bacteria following male circumcision
Apr 17 13


Circumcision alters penis microbiome, could explain HIV protection
Apr 16 13


Young Teens Not Having Sex
Apr 01 13


Sexual agreements among gay couples show promise for HIV prevention
Mar 27 13


Most men with erectile dysfunction remain untreated, say US scientists
Mar 19 13


MIMR researchers find a protein link to STI susceptibility
Mar 01 13


FDA approves Shionogi’s drug for painful sex in women
Feb 27 13


Same-sex cohabitors less healthy than those in heterosexual marriages
Feb 27 13


Male circumcision tied to less sexual pleasure
Feb 15 13


Social Media May Be Useful in Prevention of HIV, STDs
Feb 07 13


Prolonged TV viewing linked to lower sperm count
Feb 05 13


Husbands who do more traditionally female housework have less sex
Jan 30 13


Erection problems signal heart disease risk
Jan 30 13


New LGBT Health journal launching in 2013
Jan 28 13


Adolescent sexual and reproductive health priorities identified
Jan 24 13


New study examines on/off relationships and ‘sex with an ex’ among teenagers and young adults
Jan 23 13


New study reveals sex to be pleasurable with or without use of a condom or lubricant
Jan 23 13


Semen quality of young men in south-east Spain down by 38 percent in the last decade
Jan 18 13

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