Sexually Transmitted Infections News

Why do certain hormonal contraceptives increase the risk of HIV?
Sep 01 15


Stronger working memory and reduced sexual risk-taking in adolescents
Jun 17 15


Chlamydia knock out the body’s own cancer defence
Nov 17 14


New clues behind the resilience of a leading sexually transmitted pathogen, Chlamydia
Oct 14 14


Research links risky behaviors of gambling and sex
Feb 25 14


Data on today’s youth reveal childhood clues for later risk of STDs
Feb 11 14


Source of chlamydia reinfections may be GI tract
Feb 06 14


Ditty bag of condoms, home-use instructions lead to improved comfort and consistency with condom use
Nov 05 13


Conversations between lovers about STIs are important in theory but difficult in bed
Nov 05 13


Origins of Syphilis Still a Mystery, Researchers Say
Nov 04 13


Chlamydia and gonorrhoea infections linked to pregnancy complications
Sep 04 13


Hidden strains of HPV found in ‘virus-negative’ genital warts
Jul 11 13


No increased risk of infection for long-term sex partners of people with HPV-related oral cancers
Jun 02 13


Focus on STD, Not Cancer Prevention, to Promote HPV Vaccine Use
May 02 13


Circumcision alters penis microbiome, could explain HIV protection
Apr 16 13


Sexual agreements among gay couples show promise for HIV prevention
Mar 27 13


MIMR researchers find a protein link to STI susceptibility
Mar 01 13


Social Media May Be Useful in Prevention of HIV, STDs
Feb 07 13


Gonorrhea May Become Incurable, Experts Fear
Jan 10 13


CDC report highlights some STDs on the rise
Dec 14 12


HPV in older women may be due to reactivation of virus, not new infection
Dec 13 12


HPV tied to throat cancers: study
Nov 30 12


Girls may not have riskier sex after HPV vaccination
Oct 15 12


HPV vaccination does not lead to an increase in sex
Oct 10 12


‘Like this page’ to prevent sexually transmitted infections
Oct 08 12

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