Male Erectile Disorder - Who Should Counsel?

One additional comment addresses an important question - who should treat, who should counsel? As McConaghy (1993, p. 236) pointed out, many psychiatrists and psychologists would feel that only a member of their profession should conduct sexual counseling. A person treating a condition as complex as male erectile disorder should usually posses relevant knowledge of human behavior, endocrinology, and urology. As I noted in the introduction to this chapter, psychiatrists have traditionally ignored the treatment of male erectile disorder. Hopefully, the arrival of new, convenient, and safe treatment modalities such as sildenafil, phentolamine, and apomorphine will encourage psychiatrists to “bring erectile and other sexual dysfunctions back to psychiatry.” Psychiatrists’ understanding of human behavior and psychological issues, together with their education in psychological and biological treatment modalities and their medical background, makes them uniquely qualified to treat erectile and other sexual dysfunctions.

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