Sexually Transmitted Infections News

Circumcision helps stop wart virus, study finds
Jan 07 11


Is homophobia a factor in HIV racial gap?
Oct 18 10


U.S. apologizes for Guatemala syphilis experiment
Oct 01 10


Are white homosexual men still taking too many HIV risks?
Sep 07 10


Circumcision could halt 4 million new African HIV cases
Jul 20 10


Consistent condom use may cut men’s HPV risk
Jul 18 10


Study examines how sexual agreements affect HIV risk, relationship satisfaction
Jul 14 10


Study Finds Higher STD Rates Among Users of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs
Jul 06 10


Disease risk higher for swingers than prostitutes
Jun 24 10


Use of lubricants with anal sex could increase risk of HIV
May 25 10


One baby with syphilis born every hour in China: Study
May 12 10


Genital wart virus may raise men’s risk of HIV
May 10 10


China Needs Comprehensive Public Health Intervention to Control Syphilis Epidemic
May 06 10


Needle Sharing May Play A Major Role in Transmission of Syphilis
Apr 29 10


Anal HPV infection common in heterosexual men
Apr 28 10


More U.S. babies born with syphilis, report finds
Apr 16 10


Sex infection gonorrhea risks becoming “superbug”
Mar 31 10


U.S. herpes rates remain high: CDC
Mar 10 10


Screening and treating girls doesn’t reduce prevalence of chlamydia in teens
Jan 08 10


Is common vaginal infection sexually transmitted?
Nov 30 09


Sex infections still growing in U.S., says CDC
Nov 17 09


Free HPV vaccine curbs new cases of genital warts
Oct 20 09


Syphilis outbreak may be sign of re-emergence
May 11 09


Male circumcision reduces risk of genital herpes and HPV infection, but not syphilis
Mar 26 09


Inadequacy of current guidelines for sexually transmitted infections
Mar 11 09


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