Sexually Transmitted Infections News

Improved communication could reduce STD epidemic among black teenagers
Sep 26 12


Charges filed against rabbi in Germany over circumcision
Aug 23 12


Porn industry announces moratorium after syphilis-case reports
Aug 21 12


Should young men be vaccinated against human papilloma virus?
Aug 07 12


Untreatable gonorrhoea spreading around world: WHO
Jun 07 12


Many pregnant women may not get STD tests
May 16 12


HPV-Linked Cancers Persist, Says CDC
Apr 20 12


Genital warts tied to range of cancers
Apr 05 12


HPV Infection Lasts Longer in College-Age African-American Women
Apr 01 12


Sex Infections Expert Looks to Social Networks for Help
Mar 18 12


Young Women Skipping Chlamydia Tests
Mar 14 12


Study Finds Bacterial STD Linked to Increased Risk of HIV
Mar 12 12


HIV Drop Follows Increase in Circumcision
Mar 08 12


Circumcision Tied to Drop in Herpes, Too
Mar 07 12


Vaccine Reduces HPV Infections in Young Men
Mar 02 12


HPV Infections Linked to Penile Cancer
Mar 01 12


Syphilis rates drop, but STDs still big problem
Nov 17 11


Double duty: Anti-HIV topical gel also protects against herpes virus
Oct 19 11


Girls’ HPV vaccination rates falling short
Oct 18 11


Pediatricians in Appalachia less likely to recommend HPV vaccine
Sep 28 11


Take-home chlamydia tests tied to more screening
Jul 24 11


Sexually transmitted diseases go up in Alaska
May 06 11


Higher HIV risk in black gay men linked to partner choice, risk perception
May 02 11


Test gets almost 1 in 5 syphilis cases wrong
Feb 10 11


Young minority women screened at higher rate for chlamydia than young white women
Jan 24 11


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