Sexually Transmitted Infections News

Condom mishaps common among young men, study shows
Mar 05 07


Gonorrhea linked to male bladder cancer risk
Jan 10 07


Prompting men to have syphilis tests
Dec 26 06


What Does the Public Really Know about HPV?
Nov 13 06


Herpes infections frequent in adolescent girls
Jul 31 06


Doctors urge HPV vaccine for men and women
Jul 31 06


Research findings may speed the development of vaccines for Chlamydia and other STDs
Jul 26 06


Health insurance tied to lower chlamydia risk
Jul 24 06


New research shows how ‘genetic fingerprinting’ can be used to track the spread of STDs
Jul 19 06


India sex workers rewarded for HIV checks
Jul 07 06


UK sexually transmitted infections on the rise
Jul 06 06


Sexually transmitted infections rise in Britain
Jul 04 06


Syphilis on the rise in L.A. County
Jun 09 06


Cytomegalovirus infection tied to miscarriage risk
Jun 07 06


Testing for genital herpes may reduce transmission
Jun 07 06


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