Alcoholism and alcohol abuse news

Boston University Researchers Test Effectiveness of Behavioral and Medication Treatments for Patients with Alcoholism and Anxiety
Oct 07 13


Alcoholism treatment before, after liver transplantation reduces relapse
Oct 03 13


Friends, Family Often the Suppliers in Underage Drinking, Smoking: Survey
Sep 26 13


Drinking habits linked to partner violence
Sep 26 13


Lesbian and gay young people in England twice as likely to smoke and drink alcohol
Aug 29 13


Four Alcohol Brands Dominate Popular Music Mentions
Aug 28 13


Alcohol abuse, eating disorders share genetic link
Aug 21 13


Anti-homophobia measures reduce binge drinking for all students
Aug 16 13


Brain dopamine may serve as a risk marker for alcohol use disorders
Aug 11 13


Alcoholism could be linked to a hyper-active brain dopamine system
Aug 11 13


Women seek alcohol treatment between an average of 4 to 5 years earlier than men
Aug 11 13


Racial differences in types of alcohol drinks consumed by adolescent girls
Aug 11 13


Combination of smoking and heavy drinking ‘speeds up cognitive decline’
Jul 11 13


New evidence suggests impulsive adolescents more likely to drink heavily
Jul 05 13


Task Force Recommends Screening All Adults for Alcohol Misuse
May 14 13


Brain Scans Can Predict Which Alcoholics Are Most Likely to Relapse
May 03 13


Negative fathering plus barroom drinking are a dangerous mix, lead to aggression
Apr 17 13


Older People May Be at Greater Risk for Alcohol Impairment than Teens, According to Baylor Study
Apr 11 13


Alcohol counseling may aid domestic abuse therapy
Feb 27 13


Genetic signs of alcoholism in women studied for the first time
Feb 20 13


Sharp drop in drink deaths follows alcohol price rise
Feb 07 13


Drop in alcohol-related deaths by nearly a third follows minimum alcohol price increase of 10 percent
Feb 07 13


Lower drinking ages lead to more binge drinking
Feb 07 13


UTHealth research shows American Indians at greater risk of suicide after alcohol intoxication
Feb 06 13


Body language can predict outcomes for recovering alcoholics
Feb 05 13


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