Alcoholism and alcohol abuse news

Alcohol exposure during pregnancy affects multiple generations
Feb 24 16


Study highlights how former problem drinkers navigate social drinking situations
Sep 22 15


Think You’re Drinking Too Much? New Alcohol App Will Tell You
Jul 10 15


Hospital-wide program for delirium, alcohol withdrawal and suicide/harm impacts readmission rates
Jun 30 15


Could ‘virtual reality’ treat alcoholism?
Jun 24 15


Majority of adults favor ban on powdered alcohol
Jun 15 15


Alcohol use disorder is widespread, often untreated in the United States
Jun 03 15


Report recommends new approach to college drinking
May 18 15


Alcohol study yields surprising results
Apr 02 15


Researchers find link between genetic variation and alcohol dependence
Mar 24 15


Research shows alcohol consumption influenced by genes
Sep 24 14


Genetic Testing for Alcohol Dependence Risk in African Americans
Jul 15 14


Soldiers Who Kill in Combat Less Likely to Abuse Alcohol
Jun 11 14


Effects of alcohol in young binge drinkers predicts future alcoholism
May 16 14


Why alcoholism saps muscle strength
Apr 21 14


BUSM researchers find anti-seizure drug may reduce alcohol consumption
Apr 17 14


Drinking buddies deny copying alcoholic drink orders
Mar 04 14


Age-21 drinking laws save lives, study confirms
Feb 23 14


A simple 10 step approach to reducing the harms of alcohol
Jan 07 14


Wake Forest Baptist researchers study alcohol addiction using optogenetics
Dec 16 13


James Bond’s preference for shaken martinis may be due to alcohol-induced tremor, say experts
Dec 12 13


Strong state alcohol policies protective against binge drinking
Dec 09 13


Study finds gene network associated with alcohol dependence
Nov 21 13


How drinking too much sabotages your finances
Nov 04 13


Light to moderate alcohol leads to good cheer at Danish high-school parties
Oct 17 13


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