Alcoholism and alcohol abuse news

Best friends influence when teenagers have first drink
Jan 28 13


Mental health approach to teenage alcohol prevention is successful, finds new study
Jan 24 13


Alcohol use from adolescence to adulthood follows different, complex pathways
Jan 23 13


Lundbeck’s alcohol dependency drug wins EU green light
Dec 14 12


Alcohol, drug abuse counselors don’t always require total abstinence
Nov 03 12


New approaches in the treatment of alcohol dependence
Oct 15 12


What’s the best way to treat problem alcohol use?
Jun 26 12


Drunk drivers show risky lifetime drinking habits
Jun 21 12


Alcohol intake in the elderly affects risk of cognitive decline and dementia
May 22 12


One in eight British adults dies of alcohol
May 16 12


For Binge Drinkers, Even Relatively Minor Burn Injuries Can Lead to Serious Complications
Apr 27 12


Alcohol use in Bollywood movies impacting alcohol use among Indian adolescents
Apr 22 12


Middle School Teacher Support Lowers Risk for Early Alcohol Use
Mar 22 12


Sex-deprived male fruit flies drink more
Mar 18 12


Alcoholism not uncommon among surgeons
Feb 23 12


Alcohol in movies influences young teens’ drinking habits
Feb 21 12


Alcohol seen killing 200,000 Britons in next 20 years
Feb 21 12


Study estimates hospitalizations for underage drinking cost $755 million per year
Feb 16 12


Early intervention may curb dangerous college drinking
Jan 30 12


A family history of alcoholism may make adolescent brains respond differently
Jan 17 12


One in six adults goes on drinking binges: CDC
Jan 11 12


Higher alcohol prices may curb drinking: study
Jan 04 12


Sharp rise in hospitalizations tied to energy drinks: report
Nov 23 11


“Drunkorexia:” A Recipe for Disaster
Oct 18 11


Don’t call alcoholism a ‘disease’
Sep 25 11


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