Dementia News

Scientists isolate genes that delay Alzheimer’
Dec 01 15


Parkinson’s disease: A new tool aims to improve diagnosis and advance treatment
Nov 14 15


Use of benzodiazepines and related drugs common around Alzheimer’s diagnosis
Oct 26 15


New technique permits cell-specific examination of proteins in Alzheimer’s brain tissue
Oct 21 15


Immune gene prevents Parkinson’s disease and dementia
Oct 09 15


Is Alzheimer’s Disease Transmissible?
Sep 14 15


Two proteins work together to help cells eliminate trash and Parkinson’s may result
Aug 21 15


People with depression may be more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease
May 22 15


Depression, diabetes associated with increased dementia risk
Apr 15 15


Promising Alzheimer’s treatment moves toward clinical trials
Mar 11 15


Toward an oral therapy for treating Alzheimer’s disease: Using a cancer drug
Jul 23 14


Study reveals how gardens could help dementia care
Jul 15 14


Cynical attitude in golden years linked to dementia risk
May 31 14


‘Chaperone’ compounds offer new approach to Alzheimer’s treatment
Apr 21 14


Too much protein may kill brain cells as Parkinson’s progresses
Apr 10 14


Alzheimer’s in a dish
Mar 04 14


If You Think You Have Alzheimer’s, You Might be Right, Study Suggests
Feb 22 14


Two parents with Alzheimer’s disease? Disease may show up decades early on brain scans
Feb 13 14


Experimental care program keeps people with dementia at home longer, study shows
Feb 10 14


Dementia Has a Link to Concussions
Dec 28 13


Brain area attacked by Alzheimer’s links learning and rewards
Dec 18 13


Exercises helpful for people with dementia: study
Dec 09 13


Estimate: 135 million worldwide with dementia by 2050
Dec 04 13


The good news about the global epidemic of dementia
Nov 27 13


New clues to memory formation may help better treat dementia
Nov 27 13

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