Dementia News

Common Eye Disease Not Tied to Dementia: Study
Nov 18 13


Shorter sleep duration and poorer sleep quality linked to Alzheimer’s disease biomarker
Oct 21 13


Blood pressure drugs shown to decrease risk of Alzheimer’s disease dementia
Oct 16 13


Tip-of-the-tongue moments may be benign
Oct 15 13


Alzheimer’s progression tracked prior to dementia
Sep 24 13


Hospital study finds connection between dementia, delirium and declining health
Sep 17 13


Albuminuria Tied to Cognitive Loss in Diabetes
Sep 04 13


High dose statins prevent dementia
Aug 31 13


Brain inflammation linked to more severe Parkinson’s symptoms
Aug 28 13


Researchers uncover new biological target for combating Parkinson’s disease
Aug 25 13


Neuroscientists identify protein linked to Alzheimer’s-like afflictions
Aug 11 13


High rate of early delirium after surgery in older adults
Jul 24 13


Brain region implicated in emotional disturbance in dementia patients
Jul 13 13


Researchers investigate mechanism of Alzheimer’s therapy
Jul 08 13


Alzheimer’s research, education needs funding
Jul 08 13


UCSB research points to a potential therapeutic approach to Alzheimer’s disease
Jun 26 13


China’s Alzheimer’s time bomb revealed
Jun 13 13


Sorting out the structure of a Parkinson’s protein
Apr 01 13


Explaining how extra virgin olive oil protects against Alzheimer’s disease
Mar 20 13


One in three elderly have dementia when they die
Mar 18 13


New add-on drug may improve memory in people with moderate Alzheimer’s disease
Mar 12 13


Helping dementia patients remember to eat well improves physical and mental health
Feb 28 13


Novel herbal compound offers potential to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease
Feb 16 13


Alzheimer’s to triple by 2050 as baby boomers age
Feb 07 13


Damaged blood vessels loaded with amyloid worsen cognitive impairment in Alzheimer’s disease
Feb 05 13


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