Dementia News

Boosting sleep ‘may slow memory rot’
Jan 29 13


Major step toward an Alzheimer’s vaccine
Jan 15 13


Common blood pressure drugs may lower risk of dementia
Jan 08 13


Late-life depression associated with prevalent mild cognitive impairment, increased risk of dementia
Jan 01 13


Another Amyloid Drug Fails in Alzheimer’s
Dec 23 12


Scientists establish link between inflammatory process and progression of Alzheimer’s disease
Dec 19 12


Worries about dementia how hospitalization affects the elderly
Dec 17 12


Lilly likens Alzheimer’s race to 1920s insulin quest
Dec 11 12


Combining diagnostic tests more accurate at predicting Alzheimer’s
Dec 11 12


Vitamin D, calcium disappoint in dementia study
Dec 06 12


Half of patients could be diagnosed a year earlier than current clinical practice
Dec 04 12


Exercise rate related to improvements in Parkinson’s disease
Nov 26 12


Drug shows promise in animal model of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s with dementia
Oct 27 12


Timing is everything: Hormone use may reduce or increase Alzheimer’s disease risk in women
Oct 25 12


Use of anti-psychotic drugs by people with dementia ‘under reported’
Oct 17 12


Chewing ability linked to reduced dementia risk
Oct 04 12


Mayo Clinic Researchers Identify New Enzyme To Fight Alzheimer’s Disease
Sep 17 12


Why Does Alzheimer’s Disease Affect Twice as Many Women as Men?
Sep 05 12


Alzheimer’s infects from neuron to neuron
Jun 27 12


Genentech expands Alzheimer’s partnership with AC Immune
Jun 18 12


Link between metabolic disorders and Alzheimer’s disease examined
Jun 14 12


Alcohol intake in the elderly affects risk of cognitive decline and dementia
May 22 12


Colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy may be used to predict Parkinson’s
May 15 12


What is Parkinson’s disease?
May 04 12


Resistance Training Reduces Signs of Parkinson’s
May 04 12


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