Dementia News

Computer games help people with Parkinson’s disease
Oct 19 11


New drug target for Alzheimer’s, stroke is discovered by University at Buffalo scientists
Oct 12 11


Roche drug shows promise in early Alzheimer’s
Oct 11 11


First detection of pregnancy protein in older people destined for Alzheimer’s disease
Sep 28 11


Study: Diabetes Doubles Alzheimer’s Risk
Sep 25 11


Cancer protein’s surprising role as memory regulator
Sep 22 11


Humor as effective as medication in treating agitation in dementia
Sep 21 11


Insulin Via Nasal Spray May Slow Alzheimer’s
Sep 13 11


Subjective Memory Impairment as a Sign of Alzheimer’s Disease
Sep 13 11


Most cases of dementia are not diagnosed: report
Sep 13 11


World Alzheimer’s Report 2011: The benefits of early diagnosis and intervention
Sep 13 11


Study Reveals Link Between High Cholesterol and Alzheimer’s Disease
Sep 12 11


Newly identified gene mutation linked to Parkinson’s
Sep 08 11


Gladstone scientist finds new target for treating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease
Sep 08 11


MU researchers use new video gaming technology to detect illness, prevent falls in older adults
Sep 06 11


UCLA Memory Fitness Program Improves Memory Abilities of Oldest Adults
Aug 29 11


Work Possible With Early Alzheimer’s
Aug 26 11


Stem cell study offers hope for Parkinson’s patients
Aug 23 11


Normal cognitive changes in aging
Aug 21 11


Some Medications That May Cause Cognitive Impairment
Aug 21 11


Normal Aging and Dementia
Aug 21 11


Exercise may help prevent brain damage caused by Alzheimer’s disease
Aug 16 11


Small amount of exercise could protect against memory loss in elderly, CU study suggests
Aug 10 11


REM sleep behaviour disorder is a risk factor for Parkinson’s disease
Jul 30 11


Special report: With Alzheimer’s in the genes, when do you test?
Jul 24 11


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