Alcoholism and alcohol abuse news

Extent of peer social networks influences onset of adolescent alcohol consumption
Sep 21 11


Alcohol drinking in the elderly: Risks and benefits
Jun 27 11


UC Study Reveals Possible Brain Damage in Young Adult Binge-Drinkers
Jun 27 11


Too much alcohol linked to pneumonia risk
Jun 23 11


College students sleep longer but drink more and get lower grades when classes start later
Jun 14 11


Health data can help address alcohol-related harm in youth
Jun 13 11


Young athletes use fewer drugs, but more alcohol
May 31 11


Frequent moderate drinking of alcohol is associated with a lower risk of fatty liver disease
May 24 11


Stanford research casts sober light on Russia’s mortality crisis
Apr 13 11


College Binge Drinking Issues
Apr 13 11


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